Poulsil: 6 reasons why it is a good investment for poultry farmers

Poulsil, a patented, bio-active Silicium additive, is reshaping the poultry industry by substantially improving the health, performance and productivity of poultry flocks.

For poultry farmers aiming to optimize their returns and elevate the well-being of their birds, choosing Poulsil is a good, strategic move.

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Here are six compelling reasons why Poulsil stands out as a wise investment for poultry farmers:

1. Improved Bone Health and Strength

One of the primary benefits of Poulsil is its positive impact on bone health. Silicium is a crucial element that plays a significant role in bone formation, regeneration, and mineralization. Poulsil’s bio-available Silicium formulation enhances the structural stability of bones by:

  • Increasing Bone Density: Poulsil enhances calcium incorporation into bones, strengthening bone density and reducing fracture risks for healthier birds.
  • Enhancing Osteoblast Activity: By stimulating osteoblast activity, Poulsil aids in bone formation and regeneration, maintaining robust bone turnover and integrity.
  • Dose-Dependent Benefits: Higher Poulsil dosages contribute to enhanced bone strength, evident through increased fracture force and stiffness in treated birds.

2. Enhanced Egg Quality

Egg quality is a critical factor for layer operations, and Poulsil has been shown to significantly enhance various egg quality parameters, including:

  • Vitelline Membrane Strength: Poulsil reinforces the vitelline membrane, elevating egg quality by reducing yolk rupture risks.
  • Increased Egg Weight: Birds receiving Poulsil produce heavier eggs, a desirable trait for farmers and consumers alike.
  • Cracked Eggs Reduction: Strengthened eggshells result in fewer cracked eggs, minimizing losses during handling and transportation.
  • Improved Hatchability: Better eggshell quality and membrane strength lead to higher hatchability rates, enhancing overall layer operation productivity.

3. Better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

Feed efficiency is a critical determinant of profitability in poultry farming. Poulsil has been shown to significantly improve the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), which means that birds require less feed to gain the same amount of weight. This improvement in feed efficiency has several benefits:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Enhanced FCR lowers feed costs, a substantial expense in poultry farming, by optimizing weight gain per feed amount.
  • Growth Performance: Improved FCR leads to faster growth, aiding in production cycle optimization and increased turnover rates.
  • Sustainable Farming: Increased feed efficiency reduces the environmental impact of poultry farming by conserving resources and reducing feed-related footprints.

4. Increased Daily Feed Consumption

Poulsil not only improves feed efficiency but also stimulates higher feed intake, leading to better nutrient absorption and utilization. This increased daily feed consumption supports:

  • Enhanced Growth Rates: Higher feed intake supports accelerated growth and improved bird health.
  • Nutrient Absorption: Increased consumption ensures proper nutrient absorption, enhancing performance and productivity.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Poulsil promotes a balanced diet for birds, meeting their nutritional needs for optimal growth and health.

5. Better Welfare and Performance

The welfare of poultry is a top priority for farmers, as it directly impacts the health and productivity of the flock. Poulsil contributes to better overall welfare and performance by:

  • Stress Reduction: Improved bone health and skeletal strength minimize leg issues and discomfort, fostering better mobility and well-being.
  • Resting Behaviour: Poulsil supports improved resting habits in birds, indicating reduced stress levels and enhanced comfort.
  • Reduced Mortality: By bolstering bone health, egg quality, and feed efficiency, Poulsil lowers mortality rates, promoting a healthier and more efficient flock.

6. Increased Productivity and Profitability

Ultimately, the goal of any poultry operation is to maximize productivity and profitability. Poulsil helps farmers achieve this by:

  • Boosting Egg Production: Enhanced egg quality and weight contribute to increased egg production, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality eggs.
  • Reducing Losses: Poulsil minimizes cracked eggs and the need for culling, helping farmers reduce losses and maximize profits.
  • Optimizing Production Cycles: Improved FCR and growth rates allow for optimized production cycles, increasing the number of birds reaching market weight within set timeframes.
  • Ensuring Consistent Quality: Poulsil ensures consistent product quality, leading to higher consumer satisfaction and potential premium pricing for superior eggs and meat.
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Poulsil emerges as a valuable investment for poultry farmers aiming to enhance flock health, performance, and productivity. With its proven benefits in bone health, egg quality, feed efficiency, and overall welfare, Poulsil offers a holistic solution that supports sustainable and profitable poultry farming.

By integrating Poulsil into their feeding routines, farmers can witness significant operational improvements, resulting in better bird outcomes and enhanced returns on investment.

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Poulsil ® is an organic, bio-active source of Silicon which can be used for:

  • collagen synthesis,
  • bone mineralization,
  • key role in the synthesis of structural proteins.

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

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