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Poulsil for better egg quality silicium

Impact of Poulsil on egg quality parameters

  • Egg quality enhancement: Our meticulous studies on egg quality parameters showcase Poulsil as an outstanding bio-active Silicium additive.
  • Consistent improvements: From vitelline membrane rigidity to rupture force, egg weight, percentage of cracked eggs, and daily feed consumption, Poulsil consistently delivers remarkable enhancements across the board.
  • Superior egg quality: The data speaks for itself. Poulsil significantly elevates overall egg quality, making it a standout choice for poultry farmers aiming for top-tier egg production standards.

Egg quality parameters studied

We performed a trial on 3 batches of 390 hens, with the setup below. Experiment was run from 26 to 30 weeks-old, (duration = 28 days).

Egg quality parameters studied Poulsil

Vitelline Membrane

The vitelline membrane (VM) is a multilayered structure that protects and gives shape to the egg yolk and separates it from the egg white.

Together with the chalaza, VM keeps the egg yolk in the central part of the egg, thereby preventing its integration with the shell membranes.

In addition, it acts as a diffusion barrier by transporting water and nutrients between the egg yolk and the egg white.

It protects the embryo during the first 96 hours of incubation against the strongly alkaline nature of the egg white.

Poulsil - vitelline membrane chicken egg

1. Vitelline membrane (VM) rigidity : improvements with Poulsil

Statistically significant improvement in vitelline membrane rigidity indicates a better egg quality from birds after Poulsil ® supplementation.

Advantages of higher vitelline membrane rigidity

The rigidity of the vitelline membrane, which encases the yolk of an egg, is essential for a number of reasons related to the protection and development of the embryo, as well as the quality of the egg itself.

  • Embryo protection: Ensures physical safety and integrity of the developing embryo.
  • Albumen separation: Maintains clear delineation between yolk and egg white.
  • Bacterial barrier: Reduces the risk of bacterial invasions.
  • Egg quality maintenance: Retains yolk shape indicating freshness and quality.
  • Yolk positioning: Centers yolk for optimal embryonic development and culinary presentation.
  • Nutrient retention: Helps in preventing potential nutrient loss from the yolk.

2. Vitelline membrane rupture force improves

Increased vitelline membrane strength

  • Witness a significant upsurge in vitelline membrane rupture force among birds receiving Poulsil supplementation.
  • For instance, at 30 weeks, rupture force rose from 47.33 Mn in the control group to 48.72 Mn and 49.17 Mn in the groups supplemented with 150 g/t and 450 g/t of Poulsil, respectively.
  • This signifies the development of stronger and more resilient egg membranes.

Enhanced egg quality

  • The substantial improvement in vitelline membrane rupture force, backed by strong statistical significance, underscores the positive impact of Poulsil supplementation on egg quality.
  • The reinforced vitelline membranes diminish the likelihood of yolk rupture, guaranteeing higher quality and sturdier eggs.

3. Average egg weight improves significantly

Increased average egg weight

  • Experience a notable increase in average egg weight attributed to Poulsil supplementation between 27 and 30 weeks.
  • Birds in the control group weighed an average of 57.9 grams, while those supplemented with 150 g/t and 450 g/t of Poulsil displayed enhanced weights of 58.5 grams and 58.4 grams, respectively.

Statistically significant improvements

  • The observed enhancements in average egg weight hold high statistical significance (P=0.004), highlighting the positive influence of Poulsil supplementation on egg quality.
  • This rise in egg weight not only signifies improved quality but also reflects positively on overall productivity and the caliber of eggs produced.

4. % of cracked eggs decreases substantially with Poulsil

Reduced percentage of cracked eggs with Poulsil

  • Witness a substantial decrease in the percentage of cracked eggs attributed to Poulsil supplementation between 27 and 30 weeks.
  • While the control group recorded a 1.59% cracked egg rate, birds supplemented with 150 g/t and 450 g/t of Poulsil exhibited lower rates of 1.43% and 0.83%, respectively.

Improved egg integrity

  • The reduced incidence of cracked eggs with increased Poulsil supplementation signifies enhanced eggshell integrity and strength.
  • This enhancement not only elevates egg quality and durability but also leads to minimized losses and better overall productivity.


Poulsil for laying birds

Added value of better egg quality:

  1. Better hatchability

  2. Greater egg production volume

  3. Lesser culled eggs

  4. Better hen day production & egg size

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

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