Poulsil for Broilers

Poulsil for broilers silicium additive

Explore the impact of Poulsil in poultry production

Discover the trials below that delve into the efficacy of Poulsil in poultry farming.

These trials offer a wealth of data showcasing how Poulsil notably improves bone health, elevates performance and enhances the overall well-being of poultry. Through thorough testing, we have witnessed significant enhancements in bone strength, superior feed conversion ratios and heightened productivity overall.

The key benefits of Poulsil integration include:

  • Enhanced bone health: Observations reveal improved bone strength and resilience in poultry.
  • Optimized performance: Poulsil contributes to better feed conversion ratios and increased productivity.
  • Overall welfare improvement: By incorporating Poulsil into poultry diets, farmers can ensure healthier and heartier birds.

Uncover the intricate findings of our trials to witness firsthand the advantages and scientific validation backing the utilization of Poulsil in poultry farming.

1. Bone strength and health : improvements with Poulsil

Significant increase in fracture force

  • Poultry supplemented with Poulsil showed a notable increase in the minimum force required to cause bone fractures. Birds receiving 31.8 mg/kg and 47.5 mg/kg of Poulsil in their feed exhibited fracture forces of 412.9 N and 403.1 N, respectively.
  • In comparison, the control group had a fracture force of 365.9 N. This indicates that these birds have stronger, more resilient bones.

Dose-dependent improvement

  • The study demonstrates a clear dose-dependent improvement in bone strength. Higher doses of Poulsil lead to better outcomes. 
  • The most significant increases were seen at higher inclusion levels of 31.8 mg/kg and 47.5 mg/kg. This highlights the effectiveness of higher Poulsil supplementation.

Enhanced bone health

  • Consistent improvements in bone strength across various doses of Poulsil supplementation suggest that bio-available silicium from Poulsil plays a crucial role in enhancing overall bone health in poultry.
  • This leads to a reduced risk of fractures and skeletal issues. Ultimately, this contributes to better welfare and productivity in poultry farming.

2. Performance : Feed Conversion Ratio improvements

Enhanced Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

  • The study reveals a noteworthy enhancement in the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) for poultry receiving Poulsil supplementation.
  • Birds in the control group exhibited an FCR of 1.796, whereas those provided with 15.9 mg/kg, 31.8 mg/kg, and 47.5 mg/kg of Poulsil displayed improved FCR values of 1.724, 1.77, and 1.733, respectively.
  • This indicates that Poulsil-fed birds efficiently convert feed into body mass, resulting in enhanced growth performance.

Optimal dosage for performance

  • The data emphasizes that even at the lowest supplementation level of 15.9 mg/kg, Poulsil significantly boosts feed efficiency.
  • Enhancements are also observed at higher doses (31.8 mg/kg and 47.5 mg/kg), highlighting Poulsil’s effectiveness in improving feed utilization and overall poultry performance.

3. Welfare : mean resting behaviour improvements

Improved resting behaviour

  • Witness a notable enhancement in mean resting behaviour among birds supplemented with Poulsil. For example, birds receiving 1.48 mg/l Si displayed a mean resting behaviour score of 2.0, contrasting with the untreated challenged group’s score of 3.2.
  • This shift signifies that Poulsil supplementation fosters increased comfort and reduced stress levels in poultry.

Dose-dependent benefits

  • The trial showcases a dose-dependent upsurge in welfare standards.
    Higher Poulsil doses, such as 4.33 mg/l and 1.48 mg/l, yielded more favourable resting behaviour scores compared to lower doses or the untreated counterparts.
  • This trend points towards the efficacy of elevated Poulsil concentrations in elevating bird welfare.

Overall welfare enhancement

  • Birds in the untreated unchallenged cohort exhibited optimal welfare, with a resting behaviour score of 1.1 serving as the baseline. Notably, Poulsil supplementation, especially at higher doses, significantly narrowed the gap between challenged and unchallenged birds.
  • This underscores Poulsil’s effectiveness in alleviating the impacts of gouty arthritis induced by sodium urate injections, ultimately leading to enhanced overall welfare and performance in poultry.

Poulsil for broilers

Poulsil ® is an organic, bio-active source of Silicon which can be used for:

  • collagen synthesis,
  • bone mineralization,
  • key role in the synthesis of structural proteins.

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

Poulsil Si for poultry