What is Poulsil?

Poulsil - what is bioactive silicium
Poulsil - How to improve bone strength in poultry

Poulsil: composition and bioavailability

Silicium (Silicon)

  • Poulsil contains bioactive silicium, a vital mineral for bone health, collagen synthesis and the structural integrity of connective tissues. Silicium is one of the most prevalent elements on Earth, essential for the growth, development, and maintenance of bones and other tissues in poultry.


  • The bioactive form of silicium in Poulsil is highly bioavailable, meaning it is easily absorbed and utilized by the birds. This enhanced bioavailability ensures that the silicium effectively contributes to the physiological processes crucial for bone strength and eggshell quality.

Poulsil : Si formulated for poultry

  • Formulated to provide highly bio-available Silicium: Poulsil is a specially formulated additive designed to deliver highly bio-available silicium for poultry. This formulation ensures that the silicium is in a form that can be efficiently absorbed and utilized by the birds’ bodies. Advanced processing techniques convert silicium into a more soluble and bioactive state.
  • In vivo conversion: In vivo conversion refers to the process where the ingested silicium compound undergoes chemical changes within the body. This transformation creates an active form that can participate in physiological functions. Poulsil is designed to facilitate this conversion efficiently, ensuring that the silicium is available in its most effective form to support biological processes.
  • Bio-available Silicium: The end product of the in vivo conversion is bio-available silicium, which can be readily absorbed and utilized by the poultry. Bio-available silicium from Poulsil contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enhancing the strength and elasticity of connective tissues. This leads to stronger bones, improved eggshell quality and overall better health and performance in poultry.

By integrating Poulsil into their diets, farmers can ensure that their birds receive the necessary silicium in a highly effective and beneficial form. This results in improved growth, development and productivity.

Poulsil - bone strength silicium

How Poulsil works: the science behind its benefits

Collagen synthesis

  • In the realm of poultry wellness, collagen is king, responsible for the strength and elasticity of bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. Poulsil shines by aiding in collagen synthesis, a process that fosters the formation, stabilization, and rejuvenation of bone tissue, ensuring optimum structural support.

Bone mineralization

  • By facilitating the mineralization of bones, Poulsil contributes to the deposition of minerals within the bone matrix, fortifying bones and enhancing their strength. This mechanism is particularly critical in preventing fractures and leg issues, paving the way for improved health and mobility among poultry.
Poulsil - egg strength vitelline membrane rigidity

Benefits for poultry

Improved bone strength

  • Research indicates that Poulsil plays a significant role in enhancing bone strength metrics such as bone weight, fracture force, and static stiffness. This enhancement translates into a lower incidence of fractures and leg disorders, promoting enhanced mobility and overall well-being in poultry.

Better egg quality

  • For laying birds, Poulsil works wonders by bolstering eggshell quality through collagen matrix reinforcement. This results in stronger eggshells, reducing breakage and elevating hatchability rates. Additionally, Poulsil boosts the rigidity and rupture force of the vitelline membrane, crucial for protecting embryos and preserving egg quality.

Better feed conversion ratio (FCR)

  • Supplementation with Poulsil has been associated with improved feed conversion ratios, enabling birds to convert feed into body mass more efficiently. This efficiency not only leads to cost savings but also enhances productivity for poultry farmers.

Animal welfare

  • Through its role in decreasing bone fractures and leg issues, Poulsil contributes to an uplifted welfare standard for birds. Healthy and stress-free poultry exhibit higher productivity levels and better growth rates, aligning with ethical benchmarks for animal welfare.

Productivity and efficiency

  • Armed with stronger bones and improved health, birds treated with Poulsil showcase increased activity levels and achieve superior growth and production rates. This translates to higher average body weight, daily weight gain, and enhanced egg production metrics.


In conclusion, Poulsil emerges as a breakthrough bioactive silicium supplement that delivers a multitude of advantages for poultry farming. By reinforcing bone strength, enhancing eggshell quality, and promoting overall bird welfare, Poulsil empowers poultry farmers to elevate productivity and efficiency. Its remarkable bioavailability ensures that the essential silicium is efficiently utilized by our feathered companions, ushering in substantial enhancements in health and performance levels.

Poulsil for poultry

Poulsil ® is an organic, bio-active source of Silicon which can be used for:

  • collagen synthesis,
  • bone mineralization,
  • key role in the synthesis of structural proteins.

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

Poulsil Si for poultry