The power of Silicium & Poulsil

Poulsil Silicium additive

The power of Silicium for poultry

Silicium (Si) is the second most abundant element on Earth.

It is essential for enhancing the health and strength of poultry. By bonding with collagen, elastin, keratin and proteoglycans, Silicium improves the architecture, strength, durability and elasticity of birds’ connective tissues. This leads to better bone mineralization and overall skeletal strength, which are crucial for the growth and development of poultry bones and cartilage.

Elevated intake of bioactive Silicium, in the form of Poulsil, has shown to increase cortical bone strength and improve the structural integrity of poultry. But it does more than just strengthen bones. It supports better collagen synthesis, leading to improved overall health. Additionally, it enhances eggshell quality in layers and boosts performance in broilers.

Different forms of Silicium

Silicium chemical element

Chemical element

Silicium (Si) is primarily found in the form of silicates and silicon dioxide.

In its pure form, silicium is a hard and brittle crystalline solid with a blue-grey metallic luster. Although not commonly found in its elemental form in nature, it is widely distributed in various minerals.

Silicium dioxide

Silicium dioxide

Silicium dioxide (SiO₂), commonly known as silica, is a natural compound made from silicon and oxygen. It’s most often found in nature as quartz and in various living organisms.

While silica is present in foods like cereals and beer, its bioavailability in these forms is limited. In the environment, silica is relatively insoluble, which restricts its direct absorption and utilization by living organisms.

Silicium in synthetic form

Synthetic form

Synthetic silicium compounds are engineered to improve their bioavailability and absorption rates compared to natural forms. These synthetic variants involve processing techniques that enhance the solubility and biological activity of silicium, making it more accessible for nutritional and therapeutic uses. One such synthetic form is orthosilicic acid, which is more readily absorbed by the body.

Silicium as a vital component of collagen

Silicium as a vital component of collagen

  • Cross-linking with collagen fibrils: Silicium plays an important role in strengthening and adding elasticity to connective tissues in poultry. By assisting in the cross-linking of collagen fibrils, it ensures that these tissues remain robust and flexible. This is crucial for maintaining the overall health and mobility of the birds.
  • Cross-linking with other proteins: Silicium also helps in cross-linking with other proteins, which bolsters the structural stability of bones. For poultry, this means stronger skeletal frameworks. It reduces the risk of fractures and enhances the birds’ physical integrity, leading to healthier and more resilient birds.
  • Collagen synthesis: Silicium is essential for activating the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase, which is necessary for collagen synthesis. When collagen production is enhanced, it results in better bone mineralization and improved tissue repair. This promotes healthier growth and development in poultry, ensuring they thrive.

By integrating silicium into their collagen, poultry benefit from stronger bones, better tissue repair and overall improved health.

Silicium in bone remodeling

Silicium in bone remodeling

  • Bone regeneration: Silicium plays a vital role in bone regeneration. It helps by boosting bone formation while also cutting down on resorption. This dual action keeps the bone tissue continuously renewing itself, which is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones in poultry.
  • Bone density: At normal physiological levels, silicium aids the incorporation of calcium into bones. This results in greater bone density, ensuring that poultry have sturdy and resilient bones. Strong bones are crucial for supporting their body weight and minimizing the risk of fractures.
  • Osteoblast activity: Silicium influences the anabolic activity of osteoblasts and reduces the activity of osteoclastic cells. By maintaining this balance between bone formation and resorption, it promotes optimal bone health. This ensures that the skeletal system of poultry stays strong and well-maintained throughout their growth and development.

Poulsil: formulated for Poultry

  • Formulated to provide highly bio-available Silicium: Poulsil is a specially formulated additive designed to deliver highly bio-available silicium for poultry. This formulation ensures that the silicium is in a form that can be efficiently absorbed and utilized by the birds’ bodies. Advanced processing techniques convert silicium into a more soluble and bioactive state.
  • In vivo conversion: In vivo conversion refers to the process where the ingested silicium compound undergoes chemical changes within the body. This transformation creates an active form that can participate in physiological functions. Poulsil is designed to facilitate this conversion efficiently, ensuring that the silicium is available in its most effective form to support biological processes.
  • Bio-available Silicium: The end product of the in vivo conversion is bio-available silicium, which can be readily absorbed and utilized by the poultry. Bio-available silicium from Poulsil contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enhancing the strength and elasticity of connective tissues. This leads to stronger bones, improved eggshell quality and overall better health and performance in poultry.

By integrating Poulsil into their diets, farmers can ensure that their birds receive the necessary silicium in a highly effective and beneficial form. This results in improved growth, development and productivity.


Poulsil ® is an organic, bio-active source of Silicon which can be used for:

  • collagen synthesis,
  • bone mineralization,
  • key role in the synthesis of structural proteins.

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

Poulsil Si for poultry