How to improve bone strength in poultry

Ensuring strong bones in poultry is vital for their well-being and productivity across broilers, laying birds and breeders.

Strong bones not only improve mobility but also reduce the chances of fractures, promoting overall welfare and efficiency.

Here are some comprehensive strategies to boost bone strength in poultry.

1. Nutritional Strategies

  • Calcium: Crucial for bone formation and eggshell quality. The right dietary calcium levels vary depending on the bird type and age. For instance, layers require higher calcium levels (3.5-4.5%) compared to broilers.
  • Phosphorus: Works hand in hand with calcium. Maintaining a recommended calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1 is key for optimal bone health. Both minerals must be provided in forms that the birds can absorb effectively.
  • Vitamin D3: Essential for calcium and phosphorus absorption and metabolism. A deficiency in Vitamin D3 can lead to rickets in young birds and osteoporosis in layers.
  • Silicium (Silicon): Enhances collagen synthesis and bone mineralization, contributing to stronger bones. It plays a crucial role in the structure, strength, and flexibility of connective tissues. Supplements like Poulsil, rich in bioactive silicium, have shown remarkable improvements in bone strength and overall poultry welfare.

2. Management Practices

  • Lighting Programs: Proper lighting schedules play a role in bone development. Avoiding continuous light exposure can help prevent leg issues and encourage natural resting periods crucial for bone growth.
  • Stocking Density: Maintaining appropriate stocking densities reduces stress and resource competition among birds, promoting better bone health. Overcrowding can increase the risk of leg disorders.
  • Exercise and Activity: Encouraging movement and activity aids in naturally strengthening bones. Providing perches for layers and ample space for broilers to move around supports the development of sturdy skeletal structures.

3. Genetic Selection

Selective breeding programs can focus on genetic lines with robust bones and improved leg health. Balancing genetic enhancements with effective management practices maximizes the benefits for bone health.

4. Health Management

  • Disease Prevention: Controlling diseases like coccidiosis, which can impact nutrient absorption, is crucial. Healthy birds utilize nutrients more efficiently for bone development.
  • Vaccinations and Probiotics: Regular vaccinations and probiotics enhance gut health, improving nutrient absorption and overall health, indirectly supporting better bone strength.

Why Poulsil Can Benefit Poultry Farmers

Poulsil is a patented bioactive silicium additive designed to elevate poultry health, especially bone strength. Here’s how Poulsil can benefit poultry farmers:

Enhancing Bone Strength and Structure

  • Bioactive Silicium: Poulsil provides highly bioavailable silicium essential for collagen synthesis and bone mineralization. Studies have demonstrated significant enhancements in bone weight, fracture force, and static stiffness with Poulsil supplementation.
  • Improved Bone Parameters: Trials have revealed that Poulsil significantly enhances bone strength parameters such as maximal force and fracture resistance, reducing the likelihood of bone-related issues in poultry.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

  • Better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR): Poulsil supplementation has been associated with improved feed conversion ratios, enabling birds to convert feed into body mass more effectively. This leads to cost savings and heightened productivity.
  • Reduced Mortality and Culling Rates: Stronger bones decrease the incidence of fractures and leg issues, reducing the need for culling and lowering mortality rates. This results in a higher return on investment for farmers.

Enhancing Egg Quality

  • Eggshell Strength: In layers, Poulsil enhances eggshell quality by improving the collagen matrix, resulting in stronger shells and fewer cracked eggs. This leads to enhanced hatchability and increased marketable egg yields.
  • Vitelline Membrane Rigidity: Poulsil significantly improves the rigidity and rupture force of the vitelline membrane, ensuring better embryo protection and maintaining egg quality.

Welfare and Ethical Considerations

  • Improved Animal Welfare: By reducing the chances of bone fractures and leg disorders, Poulsil enhances the overall well-being of the birds. Healthy, stress-free birds are more productive and exhibit better growth rates.
  • Compliance with Welfare Standards: Utilizing Poulsil helps farmers meet ethical standards for animal welfare, which is increasingly important for consumer acceptance and market access.
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Poulsil for poultry farmers


Improving bone strength in poultry involves a multifaceted approach, combining nutritional strategies, proper management, genetic selection, and health management practices. Poulsil, with its bioactive silicium formulation, offers a comprehensive solution that enhances bone strength, boosts productivity, and improves overall poultry welfare. For poultry farmers, adopting Poulsil can lead to better animal health, increased profitability, and adherence to welfare standards, ensuring a sustainable and productive poultry farming operation.


Poulsil ® an organic, bio-active source of Silicon which can be used for:

  • collagen synthesis,
  • bone mineralization,
  • key role in the synthesis of structural proteins.

Poulsil is based on a patented mesoporosilica formulation that allows to increase bioavailability of Silicium dioxide.

Poulsil Si for poultry